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SimplyCentered.com provides access to the knowledge and means to lead a healthy and well-being centered life. We organize the information and resources you need to make better lifestyle choices. We connect visitors to "trusted sources" committed to providing information, products, services, and art that enhance health and well-being.

It is your electronic tool-kit, using the most advanced technology, to simply achieve balance of body, mind, and spirit. Trusted Sources are resources committed to contributing to a positive impact on society, the environment, and consumer health and well-being.

What Guides Us

SimplyCentered.com only links you to resources that meet the SC5Cs. The SC5Cs require that all companies and certifications be: Simply...

  • Committed to natural alternative solutions that improve health & well-being
  • Caring towards the earth and its inhabitants
  • Candid with their company's processes
  • Conscious of their impact on the world
  • Centered on producing products with integrity and quality

Who are trusted Sources ?

SimplyCentered.com uses the SC5Cs to scan and filter existing third-party certification agencies. Companies who are granted any of these certifications can be linked to SimplyCentered.com.

Contact us to feature your Brand INFO@simplycentered.com

SC Integrity Pledge

If a Company does not hold a certification from one of the SC5C filtered agencies, it can participate in the site by agreeing to the SimplyCentered.com Integrity Pledge.

Become a trusted source

Our experts have identified a list of existing certifications that comply with the SC5Cs. If a company holds one of these following certifications, it will automatically qualify as a Trusted Source. We expect this list to continue to grow as the world embraces more ethical solutions for healthy living, so if you do not find a certification on the SimplyCentered.com list, please send it our way for review and verification

If you find a company that is misrepresenting itself or should not be a Trusted Source, we want to hear about it via our on-line review. We at SimplyCentered.com hold ourselves responsible for maintaining an open dialogue about corporate responsibility to consumers, to our society and to the planet.

About Us

Elaine Gavalas

Co-founder and Publishing Lead

Elaine Gavalas, Co-founder and Publishing Lead, is a health expert, acclaimed author, and popular speaker. Elaine is an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, yoga therapist and weight management specialist, and received her Master's degree and Certification from Columbia University. Elaine's researched based approach to healthy living knowledge is anchored by her postgraduate medical studies at Columbia University and California College of Podiatric Medicine.

Debra Apruzzese

Founder and Business Lead

Debra Apruzzese, Founder, and Business Lead, was raised in a Mediterranean household where living simply and organically was the way of life. Maintaining health and well-being while balancing family, a full-time career, and volunteerism led to her commitment to natural alternative solutions. An accomplished Fortune 500 business executive, Debra has worked across multiple global industries providing leadership in strategic and operational activities. Debra is married and has two daughters; she holds an Engineering degree from Bucknell University. She is passionate about bringing awareness to natural paths to healthy living and well-being.

Stuart Katz

Media Lead

Stuart Katz received his Master's degree in Language, Literature and Communication Arts from Columbia University, New York. He attended Columbia's Film Program under the chairmanship of Milos Forman (Oscar winning director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus). Stuart is a dedicated and accomplished educator and has taught literature, drama and writing in New York and California. Stuart has collaborated with his wife Elaine Gavalas in the writing and editing of numerous books, screenplays, stage plays, articles and videos. The Cloister Code is their latest collaboration. This and their other writings can be found at simplycentered.com.

Dan Terlizzi

Marketing Lead

Dan Terlizzi, Marketing Lead, is a digital marketing and sustainable technologies enthusiast and finds his roots in nature. Graduating with two degrees from Pennsylvania State University, Dan is committed to leaving the world a better place than when he found it.

Billy Mcfarland

Spling CEO, Technology Advisor

Advisory Team

In addition, SimplyCentered.com is guided by an extensive advisory team comprising leading experts in their respective fields of finance, legal, marketing, and human resources.