There are a lot of ways to earn money from the internet. You might have heard of many but may not have tried. Here are a few interesting and unique ways to make some extra money easily!

Take part in surveys and make money!
If you love surveys and have some time to spare, then this is the best way to make some money. There are certain companies which pay the people who take part in their surveys, click here to learn more! The surveys help them to collect consumer data, and hence they pay the survey participants a token of their gratitude.

Write a blog
If you have writing talents, then make use of it by writing an excellent blog. Blogs can generate money by means of ads, affiliate links, etc. Popular news sites like have a separate section for excellent blogs.

Sell off the things which you no more need
Make use of online platforms like eBay to sell the things which you do not need. Instead of simply keeping them piled up in your home and wasting the storages space, sell them off and bring home some money. Selling electronic items is easier and brings you more money because they are always in demand. Household items can be put on sale on Craigslist. Kitchen appliances, baby furniture, anything can be listed there.

Try publishing digital books
If you have an innate flair for writing, then you must make use of the self-publishing opportunity provided by Amazon’s Kindle. Write an interesting fiction or nonfiction book and get it published on Kindle. Thus you can keep your passion alive along with earning some money.

Video uploading in YouTube
You would definitely have a smartphone with a camera in it. Try to capture interesting videos and upload them on YouTube. Let YouTube play advertisements before your videos. Thus you will get paid a small amount for every view of that video. Many are making a lot of cash by this method. You just have to invest some time to capture and upload the videos and cash comes to you automatically.

App designing for mobiles
If you have enough technical skills, then you can try designing an app and use it to generate income. There are platforms to give exposure to your products, so you can make use of them to make money.

Make money from photos, videos, etc.
Unique photos, videos, music, etc. are long term sources of income if you have the license for their resale rights. You will get a royalty when others use it.

Earn money by promoting firms on social media
There are many organizations which pay you money if you promote them on social media like Facebook. Some pay you money while some give gift cards. There are restaurants which give you offers and discounts if you check in on social media. This is a very simple method to make some money.

In short, the internet is all full of opportunities. You just have to choose the ones according to your interest. So why wait?? Start earning money!