Get rid of shavers and tweeters and embrace the technology of laser hair removal. It is the latest in the cosmetic procedures and has gained instant recognition. The procedure is followed in developed countries and is highly popular in the US. A beam of concentrated light is sent into the follicles, and the pigment destroys the hair. The latest and the most reliable is tria hair removal procedure that is suitable for all skin tones. lists out the FDA cleared hair removal laser technology that is safe on the skin. Enjoy the benefits of a smooth and soft skin with this innovative technology.

Benefits of laser hair removal
· Unwanted hair on the face, arms, underarms, leg, bikini line and other regions in the body can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Laser technology gives a new lease of life to those suffering from dark, coarse without damaging the skin.
· A single pulse of the laser can treat a bunch of hair simultaneously that too within a fraction of a second. The laser treatment can complete the hair removal in the upper lip region within a fraction of minute and large areas like arms and legs can take approximately an hour.
· Patients have to undergo more than one session to clear the hair in the body area depending on the thickness and coarseness.

Tips for preparing for laser hair removal
Removal of unwanted hair through a medical procedure like laser technology is safe and comes with zero risks. Only qualified and trained professionals are authorized to handle the task. Check the credentials of the technician before signing up for the procedure. Doctors advice on staying away from plucking, electrolysis and waxing for six weeks before the treatment to protect the hair roots that are removed due to tweezing or waxing. Also, avoid sun exposure for approximately six weeks prior post treatment to avoid complications.

What happens during laser treatment?
Before the procedure is initiated, a few millimetres of hair is trimmed above the surface of the skin. The equipment will be adjusted according to the color, location and thickness of the hair and the skin color. The technician wears suitable eye protection before starting the procedure. The outer layer of the skin has to be protected; hence cold gels and cooling devices are used. This enables light penetration into the skin. A beam of light is given to the treatment area, and the reaction is noted to ensure the settings are right and the reactions are good. Post treatment ice packs, cold water, anti-inflammatory creams are given to ease discomfort. The treatment process is repeated based on the results.

Recovery process
The treated area will look sunburned hence keeping it cool using ice packs and moisturizers will help. You can use makeup the following day if you do not find any unpleasant reaction. Use sunscreen regularly for a month to protect your skin from damage. Blisters may occur in some people, and it is not a cause for concern unless it is severe.

Pricing of laser hair removal
The cost of the treatment varies depending on the size of the area to be treated, the experience of the technician, treatment frequency and where you do the treatment.