Alopecia commonly known as hair loss is a common problem that affects men, women and children. Hair loss is generally because of decreased hair growth, breakage of the hair shaft, or autoimmune destruction of hair follicles in localized areas of the skin. There are a lot of causes of hair loss which include; stress, medications, genetics, aging, poor diet, mineral deficiency and pollution. Before we look at the solutions of hair loss. To further stop hair loss check out the unique formulated solution Lipogaine at the site Let us take a brief look at the preventions of hair loss. Below are a few things you could do to prevent alopecia.1. Avoid hair damage.Do not use hair dryers frequently, heat tends to weaken hair leading to brittleness and fragility that make cause hair loss. Avoid any form of chemical treatment on your hair, simply because it causes damage to your hair. Also reduce dye usage and don’t bleach your hair.
2. Take good care of your hair.Use mild shampoo to wash your hair regularly ensuring you maintain a clean scalp, avoiding any hair infections that might cause hair loss. Try to find the right shampoo that best suits your type of hair, do a little research of what type of hair you have and which hair products suit it, know your options. Use a smooth hair brush and comb your hair gently to avoid breaking hair shafts. It is also advisable to massage your scalp once in awhile, to increase blood flow to your head surface and hair follicles.3. Proper diet Eating a well balanced diet leads to a healthy body, and a healthy body means healthy hair. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can slow down hair loss tremendously. Eat a lot of iron containing foods, lack of iron leads to anaemia which disrupts the supply of nutrients to your hair follicles, leading to possible hair loss.
Treatment of hair loss is gradual, it cannot occur overnight, that is the first thing you need to know. If you want instant results you should try the non surgical hair replacement option. Secondly there are a lot of ways to treat hair loss, let us go through some of them so that you know your options.1. Medications for hair growth like Lipogaine, Rogaine and Propecia. Lipogaine is quite affordable of good quality and effective. It will help you stop hair loss and recover your hair back.2. Hormone therapy. Some women are genetically predisposed to female pattern hair loss, increasing their hair loss substantially at menopause, hormone therapy helps this women minimize hair loss.3. Cortisone shots hurt but work, directly injecting cortisone into the scalp stops hormonal activity that induces hair thinning, this works well with inflammatory scalp disease patients. 4. Surgery, this is quite an expensive option but effective. You could undergo hair replacement surgery, visit your doctor and discuss further whether it is a good option for you.5. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This is not entirely proven, but a lot of people believe and trust that acupuncture can help with blood circulation in the scalp, reducing hair loss and rejuvenating it. There is no proof to back this up but as i said earlier it is always good to know your options.