Gaslighting is a technique where people perform certain activities on others say their family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. and make them emotionally weak. It is an emotional abuse activity carried out to affect the inner feeling of a person. It is a manipulative technique which is used to gain extraordinary power. This technique is mostly followed by abusers, cult leaders, narcissist, and dictators, etc. who wish to control others emotionally. People should be aware of what is gaslighting and its common warning signs to avoid being the target of this dangerous activity. The link lists the real-life incidents of people affected with gaslighting.

Gaslighting is done to make a person emotionally weak. The following techniques are mostly used by people who follow the gaslighting tactic to abuse others emotionally.

Obvious Lies
People performing gaslighting do not speak the truth. In desperation, they tell things which could simply be blatant lies. They do this to make you believe that whatever they tell is true. They always wish to keep their target unsteady.

Deny Their Words
It is a common tactic that the people who perform gaslighting deny their own words. Even when you come up with appropriate proof they do not accept that they uttered those words. They do this to make yourself doubt your reality. Continuous denial of their statements make you lose the confidence in yourself, and you start believing them.

They Attack Close Ammunition
The people who perform gaslighting are aware of the close relations and ammunition of their targets. They identify your positive traits and target it. They speak to you that your close ammunition like your children and friends are not important in your life. They try to destroy your identity just by talking with you.

Watch Their Actions
It is easier to identify that a person is performing gaslighting when you watch their actions rather than their words. It is evident that their words differ entirely from their actions.

Confuse The Targets
People who involve in gaslighting often try to confuse people with their words and actions. By this, they try to uproot the normalcy and stability of the people whom they wish to target. They try to keep their target in an unstable state, and they start questioning their reality. They try to throw positive reinforcement on their targets thereby making them feel uneasy about themselves.

Accuse Others
One of the common tactics followed by a gaslighter is to accuse others of their mistakes. They make you defend yourself for the mistakes that you have not done. By this, they distract people from their behavior.

Turn People Against You
Gaslighters follow a unique tactic and make you emotionally unstable by aligning your close-knit people against you. They use your friends and relatives against you. This manipulative tactic makes people emotionally weak as their near and dear ones have turned against them. You are left isolated as you are helpless on whom to believe and you end up believing the gaslighter. By this, they try to gain complete control of the target.

It is crucial that you’re aware of the manipulative techniques mentioned above of gaslighters so that you can prevent yourself from being emotionally abused by them.