DIY French Manicure

Almost all girls would love to have their nails painted, and you would have tried many tricks in high school. When you had enough free time and figured out a perfect salon to treat yourself . you can get French manicure kits in any cosmetic shop or through can follow the stepwise procedure in or can follow the below article It is not easy to afford for a french manicure every month. If you are looking for beautiful nails, then you need to spare some cash or should follow simple DIY steps to have a French manicure right at home.

A faded pink foundation with white tips are the characteristics of a French manicure. It is most requested service in most of the nail salons. There are many nail advancements, and you can get the perfect French manicure done right in your house. If you can’t do that, you can buy light pink and bright white polish to try your hand.

First, start with trimming your nails to the length you wish. As a next step make sure that all the nails are of the same shape. When you have a pre-planned thought that you are going to do a French manicure, then you can grow the nails as longer nails are much better.

Few people like flat square nails while others like rounded nails. Based on your likes you can file your nail to start working on your nails. If you want just to replicate the salon experience at your place, then you should start with immersing your hands in warm water and allow it to soak for a couple of minutes. Then you can either choose any orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to love your cuticles inside. If you have any dirt in your nails, then you can use the other side of the cuticle pusher to separate the dirt from your nails.

Before applying the first coat of polish, you should prepare your nails by wiping it clean. Then you should polish the nails and massage the cuticles with oil. Now you are all set to paint a base coat. First, start with painting a thin coating of pink polish and then leave your nails to get dried out for few minutes. To have gel nails, you can keep your nails below the LED light for a minimum of 45 seconds and no longer than that. Keep repeating the steps with the next coating of polish and let it dry before moving on to the next steps.

Once the base coat dries out, you should keep the nail guides on your nails to get the perfect white tipped nails.If you don’t have any nail guides, then you can get the same effect with some concentration. Now with the white polish color the nail tips like an inverted smiley face. Leave the nails to dry for a while. To get gel nails, you should let it dry for around 45 seconds. You can do a couple of coats and allow it to dry.