“POP” Goes The Popcorn!


Ever wondered what would be the best popcorn for taste? Today, there are so many types of popcorn, that it’s almost mind-boggling to find the perfect one to munch on, especially on lazy weekends, during those movie marathons that we love to indulge in! On average, people are most likely to buy popcorn than any other snack, while at the movies, says a survey conducted recently by the site www.thekitchn.com.

Popcorn is the most preferred snack across the globe. Young or old, people enjoy a paper bag filled with these crunchy goodies!

Different Kinds Of Corn
If you thought all corn was the same, then you are in a rude shock! There are primarily four kinds of corn, each having their own set of peculiar characteristics. And, not all of them are suitable to be popped as popcorn. The 4 basic types are:

1: Popcorn
This is the variety that is commonly used for making popped corn. Popcorn has a unique appearance, taste and smell. The natural moisture within the kernels gets heated up when they are toasted, leading to a buildup of pressure. Lots of pressure leads to the kernel “popping”, thereby producing that oh-so-tasty snack that we love!

2: Sweet Corn
These are ones that we use for making soups, corn-on-the-cob, and other delicacies. These are so tender that they can be eaten even without cooking. However, this kind of corn cannot be used for making popcorn, as it is picked when the kernels are quite young and tender.

3: Flint Corn or Indian Corn
This form of corn, has a hard outer shell and is popular for decoration purposes, during harvest rituals. It looks quite attractive and comes in a vast range of colors.

4: Dent Corn or Field Corn
This is mainly used as a cattle feed, and is definitely not good for us. These kernels have a dented look, and that’s the reason behind the name.

Flavoured Popcorn!
The humble popcorn has undergone a great change over the years. Gone are the days, when the only flavours were salted, unsalted, butter and unbuttered. Today, the range of flavours are simply too delicious to resist! Given below are a couple of the latest varieties that have tickled the tastebuds.

1: Chilli Cheese Popcorn
These are meant for those who love the “Heat”! This flavour is quite easy to make, and the wonder is that we can do so without adding in sticky cheese. Simply pop your popcorns, either in a tight, heavy-bottomed pan, or use one of those nifty popcorn poppers we now get to buy. Once you get the amount of popcorn that you deem is enough (is there such a thing?), simply toss in a mixture of unsalted butter, red-hot chilli powder with a bit of salt, and the secret ingredient-yeast, and there you have it- Chilli Cheese Popcorn!

2: Butter Popcorn With Honey Drizzles
Now, this tasty crunchy snack is meant for people who crave all things sweet! To get a chance to try this tasty treat, just pop some popcorn, using the same method mentioned above. In another pan, make a mixture of honey, unsalted butter and salt. Pour this awesome mixture over the popcorn and coat it all over. Delicious Honey Butter Popcorn is now ready!


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