Everything You Wanted To Know About Vital Reds


A berry flavored health drink rich in polyphenols, minerals, probiotics, and 34 varieties of super fruits, is currently trending in the market. Vital Reds is an amalgamation of all these natural extracts and is highly recommended by health experts and nutritionists. The big question is: Does Vital Reds really work? Read all health-related articles at www.womenshealthmag.com/health/benefits-of-lemon-water.

What Are Vital Reds?
Available in the form of a powder, you can mix the contents with water and gulp it down to experience renewed vigor and boost your energy levels. Right from the time you wake up in the morning until you retire to bed at night, your energy levels vary significantly. You would have noticed that you feel fresh and active in the morning, while there is sluggishness in the late afternoon.

This can come in way of your daily routine and can even hamper productivity at work. It is not advisable to load your body with caffeinated drinks. Why not switch to a healthy drink instead? The presence of nutrients and essential probiotics flush out the toxins from your body and improve your health.

Some Of The Health Benefits Include:
· Increased energy levels
· Health cholesterol levels
· Toned body
· Better digestion
· Improved immunity
· Healthier looking skin.

The Man Behind This Healthy Drink
While a lot is being said about this drink, it pays to know about the creator of this natural health supplement. Dr. Steven Gundry, a renowned heart surgeon, created Vital Reds. He ensures that all the products are free from artificial sweeteners and other added preservatives.

Working Of Vital Reds
1. Polyphenols are micronutrients present in certain fruits and products like cloves, dark chocolate, celery seed, and black chokeberry. Wine, tea, and certain berries are rich in polyphenols and thus recommended for consumption. They are responsible for giving you the energy, rather than loading your system with caffeinated drinks.

Some of the super fruits include:
· Grape seed extract is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and imparts a feeling of satiety.
· Green tea extracts help burn stubborn fat and assists in healthy weight gain.
· Bitter melon extract is known to control cholesterol levels and increase the energy level in the body.
· Probiotics in the mixture keep your gut healthy and prevent all types of digestion-related problems.

How To Use Vital Reds?
Mix a scoop of the powder with water or juice of your choice. Consume this energy drink once a day to enjoy the complete benefits. Take this energy supplement continuously for three weeks or as long as you wish. In one formula of Vital Reds, you get to experience 4 distinct formulas.
· Polyphenol Blend with its 34 super fruits that help boost energy, and keeps you healthy as you grow older.
· Metabolic-Enhancing Blend consists of 7 different types of ingredient to help in weight management.
· Digestive Support Blend consists of 5 strains of “good” bacteria that prevent bloating.
· Essential Vitamins and Minerals for a healthy immune system.

Cost Factor
This health supplement is conveniently priced and you do not have to incur the shipping charges within the USA. The total cost depends on the number of bottles you order.


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