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You trim your hair every two months, make use of quality hair care products and prepare your hair masks at home but still not happy with the results. It could be because you are missing out on these tips. The keanu reeves hairstyles technique and advice will help you sport a shiny and healthier hair. The portals of offer some exciting hairstyling tips that could make eyes turn around you. So here you are with the hair rules.

Importance of a wholesome diet
The foods you consume have a vital role in supporting the hair growth process. Protein, vitamins and iron are the building blocks for your hair. While the hair cells grow relatively quickly, they can be easily affected by many factors. When you do not consume a balanced diet or suffer from any nutrient inadequacies, hair fall could be the first sign to encounter.

Stress is another main reason for hair loss. Make sure to include wholesome foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, whole legumes, soybeans, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, peas, curd, fruits and other vegetables should be an integral part of the diet. Consuming 12mg of iron per day is essential.

Hair care tips with a difference
Adequate sleep is important to whirl a long hair. Obtain eight hours of sleep every day. Always choose a silk pillow. The hair gets excessively damaged during sleep. It gets tangled and roughed up. When you use a silk pillow, it provides a slippery surface. It also avoids friction. It eliminates the need for repeat styling and brushing, and in that way, it saves the hair from breakage. Buy those little miracle tubes called the conditioners. The silicone present in them makes your hair look lustrous and shiny. There is no harm in using a conditioner. But do not use it daily but have one in your handbag for those special days.

Hair washing regime
Many of you use shampoo to clean your hair, but do you do it correctly is the main question. Use a mild shampoo, dilute it and apply from the roots to remove the excess oil and dirt. Do not rub the shampoo on the hair. After washing your hair, take a dry towel and wrap your hair. This technique is called a dry towel wrap. It reduces the styling time as well as the drying time. A dry towel wrap eliminates the need for using a dryer thereby reducing the heat application. It decreases the frizz and makes your hair easier to manage while styling. You can wear the towel like a turban.

Other add-ons
While coconut oil is considered as the magical elixir for shiny hair, you can also try the nourishing almond oil. The almond oil adds to the shine as well as softness. It does not require more frequent hair wash too. Do not use artificial colors on your hair too frequently. Honey works well as a great hair color lightener. Avocados can become your creamy conditioner. Go in for natural products to retain the luster of your hair for a longer time. Hope these tips will be of better use to you.

gun safe

Sometimes you tend to worry about the security of your home regardless of installing burglar alarms and keypad alerts. At such times, you can go in for a safe that might turn out to be a good line of defense. You can store your valuables and pricey goods in the safe. The portals of allow you to choose the right safe with better features that suit your requirements. A safe must be trustworthy, secure and most importantly in the right dimensions. The portals of highlight the rates of increasing burglary in different cities and the need for better safety precautions. Read further to make an informed decision on choosing a good safe.

All about the safes
The security features offered by a safe can vary. There are regular to high-end models to store different things securely. A reputed manufacturer provides a better safe with enhanced safety. It is ideal to purchase safes that are tested. Look out for safes to be installed in homes. Buying generic versions will not offer personalized benefits. It is necessary to position the safe carefully inside the home at a secure point. From the last decade, there is a constant increase in demand for the private safes. The safes allow you to protect your precious possessions from natural disasters as well as crimes.

Analyzing the features of a safe
Owing to the growing demand for custom sizes, the safes are manufactured in smaller dimensions. There are many lightweight models too. They also feature within the affordable price range. Several manufacturers put their safes to stringent quality tests that have improved the standards of production. More compact designs are being produced for residential purposes. All safes are not created to be the same. With increasing demand, there are many inferior products available in the market. Make sure to be vigilant before making your purchase.

Selecting a right safe
You can trust the successful brands available in the market as they stick to the manufacturing standards. Do your research to make an informed buying decision. While all branded products are expensive, a market study can go a long way in finding a reliable manufacturer for an affordable rate. Choose dealers who provide long-term warranty for the safes. Analyze their professional grades of service. Look for ratings on the product. Speak to your friends and neighbors to know their experiences.

It is essential to buy safes that are resistant to fire. Such products allow you to store valuable documents and antiques. The construction of a safe implies the levels of defense against fire. Make sure to choose sturdy double-walled safe which are certified to offer better resistance against natural disasters. It is equally important to look for the various locking options in a safe. With technological advancements, there are biometric locks installed in your private safes. You can also opt for the electronic interfaces or mechanical combinations based on your requirements.

The regular key safes are budget friendly models. The electronic locks are good choices. However, biometric security is the cutting-edge technology for locking safes. Thus, choose a reliable safe with better features that is ideal for all your requirements.

DIY French Manicure

Almost all girls would love to have their nails painted, and you would have tried many tricks in high school. When you had enough free time and figured out a perfect salon to treat yourself . you can get French manicure kits in any cosmetic shop or through can follow the stepwise procedure in or can follow the below article It is not easy to afford for a french manicure every month. If you are looking for beautiful nails, then you need to spare some cash or should follow simple DIY steps to have a French manicure right at home.

A faded pink foundation with white tips are the characteristics of a French manicure. It is most requested service in most of the nail salons. There are many nail advancements, and you can get the perfect French manicure done right in your house. If you can’t do that, you can buy light pink and bright white polish to try your hand.

First, start with trimming your nails to the length you wish. As a next step make sure that all the nails are of the same shape. When you have a pre-planned thought that you are going to do a French manicure, then you can grow the nails as longer nails are much better.

Few people like flat square nails while others like rounded nails. Based on your likes you can file your nail to start working on your nails. If you want just to replicate the salon experience at your place, then you should start with immersing your hands in warm water and allow it to soak for a couple of minutes. Then you can either choose any orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to love your cuticles inside. If you have any dirt in your nails, then you can use the other side of the cuticle pusher to separate the dirt from your nails.

Before applying the first coat of polish, you should prepare your nails by wiping it clean. Then you should polish the nails and massage the cuticles with oil. Now you are all set to paint a base coat. First, start with painting a thin coating of pink polish and then leave your nails to get dried out for few minutes. To have gel nails, you can keep your nails below the LED light for a minimum of 45 seconds and no longer than that. Keep repeating the steps with the next coating of polish and let it dry before moving on to the next steps.

Once the base coat dries out, you should keep the nail guides on your nails to get the perfect white tipped nails.If you don’t have any nail guides, then you can get the same effect with some concentration. Now with the white polish color the nail tips like an inverted smiley face. Leave the nails to dry for a while. To get gel nails, you should let it dry for around 45 seconds. You can do a couple of coats and allow it to dry.


Ever wondered what would be the best popcorn for taste? Today, there are so many types of popcorn, that it’s almost mind-boggling to find the perfect one to munch on, especially on lazy weekends, during those movie marathons that we love to indulge in! On average, people are most likely to buy popcorn than any other snack, while at the movies, says a survey conducted recently by the site

Popcorn is the most preferred snack across the globe. Young or old, people enjoy a paper bag filled with these crunchy goodies!

Different Kinds Of Corn
If you thought all corn was the same, then you are in a rude shock! There are primarily four kinds of corn, each having their own set of peculiar characteristics. And, not all of them are suitable to be popped as popcorn. The 4 basic types are:

1: Popcorn
This is the variety that is commonly used for making popped corn. Popcorn has a unique appearance, taste and smell. The natural moisture within the kernels gets heated up when they are toasted, leading to a buildup of pressure. Lots of pressure leads to the kernel “popping”, thereby producing that oh-so-tasty snack that we love!

2: Sweet Corn
These are ones that we use for making soups, corn-on-the-cob, and other delicacies. These are so tender that they can be eaten even without cooking. However, this kind of corn cannot be used for making popcorn, as it is picked when the kernels are quite young and tender.

3: Flint Corn or Indian Corn
This form of corn, has a hard outer shell and is popular for decoration purposes, during harvest rituals. It looks quite attractive and comes in a vast range of colors.

4: Dent Corn or Field Corn
This is mainly used as a cattle feed, and is definitely not good for us. These kernels have a dented look, and that’s the reason behind the name.

Flavoured Popcorn!
The humble popcorn has undergone a great change over the years. Gone are the days, when the only flavours were salted, unsalted, butter and unbuttered. Today, the range of flavours are simply too delicious to resist! Given below are a couple of the latest varieties that have tickled the tastebuds.

1: Chilli Cheese Popcorn
These are meant for those who love the “Heat”! This flavour is quite easy to make, and the wonder is that we can do so without adding in sticky cheese. Simply pop your popcorns, either in a tight, heavy-bottomed pan, or use one of those nifty popcorn poppers we now get to buy. Once you get the amount of popcorn that you deem is enough (is there such a thing?), simply toss in a mixture of unsalted butter, red-hot chilli powder with a bit of salt, and the secret ingredient-yeast, and there you have it- Chilli Cheese Popcorn!

2: Butter Popcorn With Honey Drizzles
Now, this tasty crunchy snack is meant for people who crave all things sweet! To get a chance to try this tasty treat, just pop some popcorn, using the same method mentioned above. In another pan, make a mixture of honey, unsalted butter and salt. Pour this awesome mixture over the popcorn and coat it all over. Delicious Honey Butter Popcorn is now ready!

The living room is the best most important part of your home. You and your family members will be spending more time in the living rooms. When you have guest at home, you have to spend time with them in the living room. Your living room is the reflection of your entire house, so you have to give more important while selecting each and every item for your living room. The furniture is playing vital role in making your living room more elegant. You have to buy the living room furniture according to your lifestyle and design of your house. Even you can consider buying used furniture in Long Beach. You can check at to know more details about living room furniture on TV shows.

You can find below the points to be noted while selecting living room furniture.

Centre of Attraction

Your living room is the centre of attraction of your home. At the same way, there will be centre of attraction point in your living room. Whenever you are entering into your home your eye by default will focus on that point. You have to give more important to that place by keeping the beautiful furniture to enhance your living room beauty.

Proper Planning

Before buying any furniture for your living room makes sure to measure the size your living room and decide the places where you have to keep the furniture so that it will ease your option searching the right size furniture for your living room. You can draw a floor plan and check how the furniture will look like after installations. Make sure that the doors are not getting blocked while keeping the furniture.

Choosing Furniture

A typical living room will have one set of sofas, some armchairs, side-table and coffee-table. You can buy all these items as per your room size. Ensure that you buy high solid furniture materials so that it will last for many years and will not have regular maintenance activities. Next, select the high-quality stain resistant fabrics for your furniture and mainly for your sofa. Your sofa should be more comfortable, and it should make you relaxed after coming from work pressure. Make sure your cushions are made out of foam materials because they are more comfortable and last for many years.


Once you have bought all the necessary furniture for your living room, the next important part is to arrange them in a proper manner. There are many online furniture guidelines available are helpful to arrange them in a professional manner.

Theme Option

The theme option is one of the best and easiest methods for arranging your living room in a professional manner. There are many theme options available in the market such as modern theme, traditional type theme, casual type theme and contemporary type themes; you can select one best theme option which suits your living room and house structure. There are many furniture showrooms they are selling the entire living room sets based on the theme style. You can consider buying furniture if you are interested.

In order to be healthy, a balanced diet is to be followed. A balanced diet is nothing but a variety of foods in required amounts to provide all the nutrients for proper functioning of the body. There are supplements such as Niagen as well which can give you the required nutrients and keep you healthy. Check Niagen Reviews if you want to know more.

Eating a balanced diet help you maintain a healthy weight. Healthy weight is not a standard value. It varies depending on your height. With inputs from, we have made a list of points you have take care to keep your body and mind healthy

A balanced diet should supply the body with all the necessary nutrients. This includes proteins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Make sure your daily food contains balanced proportions of all these.

Tips on healthy diet
· Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
· Eat foods which are sources of unsaturated fats.
· Cut down saturated fat and sugar.
· Minimize your salt consumption to less than six grams per day.
· Do exercises effectively.
· Drink abundant amounts of water.
· Eating breakfast is compulsory.

In addition to keeping our body healthy, the food we eat has a direct connection to our emotional state as well. So eating healthy food is important not only for our body but our mind also. Studies have proved that a healthy diet coupled with proper exercises can prevent stress related issues such as anxiety, depression etc. Following are some of the food items which can affect your mood.

Foods such as chocolates, packed juices etc have sugar in abundance. They provide you an energy boost instantly. But it is very temporary. Such instant increase in energy is not at all good for your health. So, try to avoid such food.

B-Vitamins are involved in the release of energy from your food and the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical neurotransmitter produced in the brain. It can affect mood, social behavior etc. Whole grains, meat, dairy products, eggs, green vegetables, nuts, etc are some rich source of B-Vitamins. Include them in the right proportions in your diet.
This mineral is found in huge amounts in Brazil nuts, shellfish, kidney, liver etc. This affects thyroid functioning which in turn affects your mood and behavior. You should get a considerable amount of selenium for proper thyroid functioning.

Try to include more amounts of unsaturated fats such as omega 3 in your body. Fishes such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Other sources are pumpkins, linseeds, walnuts, etc. At the same time avoid saturated fatty acids found in fried, junk and processed foods.

Alcohol gives you short term relief from anxieties, worries etc. In this process, it does a great deal of harm to your body. Alcohol consumption can reverse all the positives of your healthy diet. So stay away from it.

Eat right quantity of quality food. This should be your mantra for a healthy life.