An All-Round Approach To Hair Care

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You trim your hair every two months, make use of quality hair care products and prepare your hair masks at home but still not happy with the results. It could be because you are missing out on these tips. The keanu reeves hairstyles technique and advice will help you sport a shiny and healthier hair. The portals of offer some exciting hairstyling tips that could make eyes turn around you. So here you are with the hair rules.

Importance of a wholesome diet
The foods you consume have a vital role in supporting the hair growth process. Protein, vitamins and iron are the building blocks for your hair. While the hair cells grow relatively quickly, they can be easily affected by many factors. When you do not consume a balanced diet or suffer from any nutrient inadequacies, hair fall could be the first sign to encounter.

Stress is another main reason for hair loss. Make sure to include wholesome foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, whole legumes, soybeans, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, peas, curd, fruits and other vegetables should be an integral part of the diet. Consuming 12mg of iron per day is essential.

Hair care tips with a difference
Adequate sleep is important to whirl a long hair. Obtain eight hours of sleep every day. Always choose a silk pillow. The hair gets excessively damaged during sleep. It gets tangled and roughed up. When you use a silk pillow, it provides a slippery surface. It also avoids friction. It eliminates the need for repeat styling and brushing, and in that way, it saves the hair from breakage. Buy those little miracle tubes called the conditioners. The silicone present in them makes your hair look lustrous and shiny. There is no harm in using a conditioner. But do not use it daily but have one in your handbag for those special days.

Hair washing regime
Many of you use shampoo to clean your hair, but do you do it correctly is the main question. Use a mild shampoo, dilute it and apply from the roots to remove the excess oil and dirt. Do not rub the shampoo on the hair. After washing your hair, take a dry towel and wrap your hair. This technique is called a dry towel wrap. It reduces the styling time as well as the drying time. A dry towel wrap eliminates the need for using a dryer thereby reducing the heat application. It decreases the frizz and makes your hair easier to manage while styling. You can wear the towel like a turban.

Other add-ons
While coconut oil is considered as the magical elixir for shiny hair, you can also try the nourishing almond oil. The almond oil adds to the shine as well as softness. It does not require more frequent hair wash too. Do not use artificial colors on your hair too frequently. Honey works well as a great hair color lightener. Avocados can become your creamy conditioner. Go in for natural products to retain the luster of your hair for a longer time. Hope these tips will be of better use to you.


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